C63 Wedgetail - Available 2016

C63 Wedgetail - Available 2016

Surveilance Specialist

The C63 Wedgetail has been designed from the ground up as a large, stable aerial platform that can still be hand launched; no requirement to cart around cumbersome catapults. The product is due for release in the first quarter next year when more information will be available.

Prototype Specifications:

Wing span: 3.3m

Ready to fly weight (airframe only): 3.0kg

Ready to fly weight (max): 6.5kg

Flight speed: 10-35 m/s (36-126 k/h)

Power requirements: From 1000W and up.

Battery: 6s LiPo from 5000mAh and up.

Typical current draw (6S LiPo): 4-6A cruise

Endurance: over and hour

Flight range: over 100km