Australian Droid & Robot offers a world leading robotics and automation capability in Brisbane, Australia. We are a full systems integrator with the ability to develop turnkey systems from concept to delivery and support. We have a talented team of electronic, software, AI and robotics engineers who are able to work with high levels of technical complexity to deliver custom solutions in expedited time frames. We are urgent needs specialists. 

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Supersonic Drone
- Angel


Autonomous Rescue Vessel
- LifeSava


Confined Space Robot
- Explora Mini


Multi-Purpose Robot Platform
- Explora XL

The Angel is being developed as a supersonic test platform. It is a re-useable fixed wing UAS that can take off and land on a runway. Unlike most supersonic or sub-sonic platforms, it can throttle back and loiter over target at 80 knots. 

The second phase prototype is due to fly at the QLD government UAS test range in Concurry in early July. ADR is fortunate to be partnering with QinetiQ in the formulation of the range package.

The LifeSava is a small, un-crewed surface vessel that is capable of operating in ANY sea state. The vessel is fully waterproof, self righting and unsinkable. It is powered by a 7 kW electric propulsion system that is able to tow heavy loads in large seas.

It is primarily designed as a Person Overboard or white-water rescue system meaning that vessels which are not equipped with rapid recovery boats or rescue swimmers are able to maintain a rescue capability.

The Explora Mini robot is a small, fully waterproof robot built for confined spaces inspection. Designed to be just another tool in back of the truck, the robot can charge from a 12V outlet and can be controlled via an Android App. Instead of carrying a personal gas sensor, rescue workers can send the robot in front of them to sense harmful or explosive gases before they are exposed to them. 

Similarly, the robot can be sent in to confined or contested environments without putting personnel at risk.

The Explora XL robot is one of the most rugged platforms available in the market. Unlike conventional EOD robots, the XL is faster, more agile and has a longer range. It can traverse difficult terrain (including steps) quickly and can get out to perform ISR missions. 

As the robot can operate over any ethernet network, sensors can be rapidly integrated to the payload bay and be accessed from anywhere on that network.

it is the ideal platform for urgent need requirements where rapid integration and deployment is required.