Australian Droid + Robot (ADR) is constantly at the forefront of robotics. This is due to our consistent drive to develop new and exciting products and bring them to market. 

ADR has had many successful products brought to market, including the Explora XL, Nippa and multiple control/safety boards. See just some of our current research and development projects in various different fields of robotics. 


IMG_0673 2.HEIC

Remotely-Operated Conveyor Inspector (R.O.C.I)

A lightweight and portable rover designed to withstand the harsh environments presented on a mine site. Water and dustproof with active thermo-electric cooling to operate in temperatures up to 60°C. This platform is capable of inspections in areas where there is high levels of RF interference due to its robust, military-grade communications system.  

ADR Small Inspection Robot



ArmBot - Mobile Robotic Manipulator

This platform is one of the more complex developments that ADR has undertaken, with the goal of this robot to provide the capabilities of the Explora platform with remote manipulation. This 6 degree of freedom (6DOF) robotic arm has full inverse kinematics, allowing for intuitive control of the end effector instead of controlling each joint individually, unlike traditional mobile robotic arms used in industry.

ADRDropbearAbandoned Mine InspectionRemote Mine Inspection

Drop Bear Inspection Vehicle

The Dropbear is a purpose-built mine inspection robot designed to survive in the harsh environment of underground hard rock mines. The robot can be fitted with a number of sensors and hardware options but comes standard with a high definition powerful PTZ zoom IP camera.


ADR Protection Board

The ADR Protection Board is the latest in a series of UGV specific boards designed to provide high fidelity control of a robot with superior levels of safety and redundancy. This board, in particular, is designed to monitor motor current and temperature and relay this back to the ground station, along with IMU, barometer and humidity data, all in one small package!

ADR Robot Protection Board
ADRRobot Control Board Robot Brain

ADR Robot Control Board

The ADR Robot Control Board (RCB) is the "brains" of the robot and allows the robot to be controlled via a wireless network. The RCB features redundant control through dual MCU's and error checking and is designed to work flawlessly with the ADR Robot Safety Board. When paired with our ADR Groundstation Software, it provides intuitive control and a high level of safety for all your telepresence needs. 

ADR Robot Safety Board

The ADR Robot Safety Board (RSB) is our version of the big red emergency stop, allowing for power to be cut from systems such as motors or external actuators. When paired with the Robot Control Board, the safety and reliability of the UGV is guaranteed through the multiple methods of redundancy and error checking to ensure the system operates as expected, all the time. 

ADRRobot Safety Board Safety Controller

Verticle Shaft Inspector - RaiseScan

RaiseScan is the latest iteration of our drill hole inspection tools. This latest version provides the ability to both raise and lower the tool into the drill hole and allows for live 3D scan data and two RBG camera images back to the ground station.

WolfPack Sensor Payload

The WolfPack Sensor Payload is one of many payloads designed specifically for the ADR Explora XL, providing both the capability of quickly swapping between payloads and high fidelity 3D scans. The WolfPack also provides the ability for autonomous SLAM navigation and with some post-processing, an RGB point cloud. 

ADR Custom Motor Driver Control Board

ADR Motor Driver Board

The ADR Motor Driver Board is another new development out of ADR, designed specifically for the Explora XL. This board features the same capabilities as the ADR Robot Safety Board, along with embedded motor drivers and smart motor control, allowing for position, velocity and traction control. 


Rail Fault Detection

Our specialty robot, RailScan, was built for the purpose of inspecting cane rail tracks and using machine learning and AI, detect any faults such as broken track or missing rail clips. This is just another demonstration of the capabilities of ADR with rapid platform development for an application where we're able to eliminate the human risk involved in these lengthy and sometimes dangerous inspections.

ADR Cane Rail Inspection Robot RailScan
ADR Underground Mine Inspections Remote Scan Explora XL

Robot Automation & Perception

Here at ADR, we're always continuing to improve our capabilities in the fields of autonomy and perception. Through our integrations both with our own platforms and industry platforms, we're constantly able to test our systems in real-life applications and environments.


ADR Groundstation Software

The ADR general user interface (GUI)​ is the software package that's included with all ADR platforms and Robot Control Boards. It can run on any Windows/Linux system and presents an intuitive interface. The robot can be controlled via a normal gaming controller with the capability to display multiple camera streams simultaneously. The ability to run multiple UGV's over a single device is also possible through this GUI.