The rapid development of aerial photogrammetry has revolutionised surveying on mine sites and in other industrial applications. With RTK GPS systems, aerial vehicles are able to rapidly acquire data sets that can be processed into 3D Models, Orthomosaic Images, Point Clouds or Thermal Radiometric Images. Such data can be used to create topographical maps, drainage maps to monitor pits, roads, stockpiles and subsidence zones quickly and easily.


On the industrial front, aerial photogrammetry and video can be used for asset inspection and insurance assessment after natural events. Aerial thermal imaging can be used to detect suspect cells in solar power generation installations, to detect where heat is being lost from buildings or to look for hot spots in power transmission systems.

Our services include:

  • Remote Video Survey and Inspection

  • Remote Laser Scanning

  • 3D Mapping - Photogrammetry and Laser

  • Remote Thermal Imaging