The rapid development of aerial photogrammetry and laser scanning has revolutionised surveying on mine sites and in other industrial applications. Australian Droid + Robot’s vehicles are able to rapidly acquire large data sets that can be processed into 3D Models, Orthomosaic Images, or Point Clouds.


These data sets can be used to create:

  • Topographical maps

  • Drainage maps to monitor pits

  • Condition Monitoring for Haul Roads

  • Volumetric Analysis of Stockpiles

  • Subsidence Zones

  • Animated Fly Throughs of 3D maps


On the industrial front, aerial photography and video can be used for:

  • Asset inspection and for

  • Insurance assessment after natural events Aerial

  • Thermal Survey of Solar farms


Australian Droid + Robot have a fleet of fixed wing and multi-rotor drones capable of high-resolution aerial mapping including the use of RTK GPS systems to deliver centimetre accuracy. Meticulous development and testing ensures that we understand the capability of our robots, drones and people. Our rigorous risk assessment, operating procedures and checklists are a combination of our mining and defence experience. As a CASA approved operator (ReOC.0911), all of our pilots are fully certified and the company is fully insured including public liability insurance.

The team is available twenty-four hours a day for emergency work including disaster recovery. Given our large fleet of aircraft and payloads, we can be on the road immediately to assist.