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Seagull UAV

Seagull #SYNC


1 x Seagull #SYNC w. fixed 30cm cable

Add trigger feedback confirmation for your flight controller.

Seagull #SYNC is a universal hotshoe that interfaces with Pixhawk, APM and other flight controllers that utilize the use of feedback from a camera hotshoe.

Obtain high precision mapping with our custom designed hotshoe adaptor that connects directly to Pixhawk or APM based supported systems.

Use it in conjuction with Seagull #MAP2, Seagull #REC or a camera trigger of your choice.

When a photo is triggered with fx Seagull #MAP2, the feedback from the hotshoe of the camera is sent to your Pixhawk/APM where your GPS posistion will be logged on the exact time when the camera triggered vs. normally – when Pixhawk/APM sends the signal to the camera trigger.

This way you will reduce drift of your photos to obtain higher precision with your mapping.

For configurtation instructions – please refer to this information

Seagull #SYNC connects via a JR servo connection that can be connected directly to Pixhawk or APM controllers without modifications.