An underground mine can be a chaotic and changing environment. Seismic events, mud rushes, fines rushes, ground falls, and convergence can be unexpected and challenging. With the advent of wireless communications and high-definition sensors, we now have the ability to send robots into these areas for inspection instead of personnel.


The days of quickly jumping under hung drawpoint to see what’s going on are long gone. Our range of remote inspection vehicles allows personnel to access these areas from a safe and comfortable location. From laser scanning to video inspection and gas monitoring, our Ethernet enabled vehicles are fast to integrate into your existing mine network. Alternatively, where no network exists, or where it has been compromised by ground failure, our mobile mesh nodes can be sent in to establish the network.


Australian Droid + Robot offer a full suite of underground inspection vehicles and would be happy to discuss your requirements.


Our services include:

  • Remote Video Survey

  • Remote Laser Scanning

  • Vertical Shaft Inspection

  • Remote Thermal Imaging